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From: Morticon

Date: 2015-02-24 05:38 PM

Some of you have, at some point, received a warning that the MUCK server has possibly detected an anti-idler on your connection. The warning is then followed up by a forced disconnection. Please be aware that the wizards do get a notice when this happens, and that we do talk to people who frequently get that warning. While it's not serious, we still consider it important to fix the problem and help everyone enjoy SpinDizzy even more.

If you're finding yourself being kicked off by the anti-idler detector or even frequently idling out, you may want to consider staying off SpinDizzy to sleep or nap, focus on work, or do whatever it is that's keeping you from being on here. Your friends here will appreciate knowing that when you are online, you're actually available to talk and play, and you'll enjoy feeling less detached and more involved in all the fun that goes on.

If you are using an anti-idler due to a connection issue, fluffy has written a nice program anyone can use that is not an anti-idler and therefore allows the idle timeout to work properly. Please see 'cread 89' for details. Several residents are successfully using it already.

Also, for those of you running events, you can request for any helpstaff or wizard to set the idle timeout much higher than it normally is, to keep spectators from having to reconnect several times over the course of the event.

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