Updated alternative web client ~ Kandra

From: Kandra

Date: 2016-06-27 07:26 PM


I finally got around to having an updated version of my modified Webclient put up.

It's significantly changed from the old prototype (if you don't remember what I'm talking about, the unique feature of that was to separate most things like page or whisper conversations, or puppets, into their own screens or 'filters'.) Performance when moving between these filters is better now (especially with a long history) and I added various things ('##edit' support, uploading/sending files, hiding old or unused screens...) I think it's a little more viable to actually use it as one's client for an extended period now.

You can get to it at https://muck.spindizzy.org/spindizzy-jsclient/client.html . Try it, you might like it! (... or not.)

I imagine there's a good chance I won't be doing much more to it in terms of features but I will still fix any particularly problematic bugs that show up. I suspect at least some bugs exist somewhere. If you find something that you think is unintended please tell me.

As a note, I haven't tested it very extensively in browsers that are not firefox. Therefore, it might be worth trying it in firefox if you experience startling difficulties using it in something exotic like a google- or microsoft-powered browser.


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