Notes from the town hall (LONG!) ~ Morticon

From: Morticon

Date: 2017-05-09 07:06 PM

Here is an outline of the town hall meeting that I made. If I missed something, please let me know. I tried my best to condense 500+ lines into something much smaller without taking too much time, so it's quite possible I missed something.

Rose Garden

Rose garden grounds committee needs to be more active.

Perhaps recruit more members.

Advertising SpinDizzy more.

Possible places: Art site? Writing site?

Redo to be more dynamic.

Twitter feed on main page to show we're still active.

Post events, newspaper, BB posts to main page automatically.


Lots of different opinions

Weekly RP post helpful, but want more info

More details on plots

Listing of RP groups

Indicate time something starts

Indicate people should page the person running an event for more info, even if closed (could still be an opening).

'If you're interested in one of the open plots, contact the listed player in charge.'

Community needs to do better at encouraging RP, and making sure people who enter a room know to wait a moment to see what's going on first.

Public OOC chat channel, muckwide.

Excessive usage of OOC bad for RPing

Make the IC status / theme of a room more obvious upon entering it

Some IC specific places desired.

Need to accommodate OOC and IC people

Help newcomers fit in with being IC, help them find where to start, feel more welcome to jump in.

Leaper was much appreciated

Easy to drop in

Share RP plotlines with rest of MUCK, so they know what's going on, could possibly play into it, catch up on something they missed, etc.

Post RP logs?

Competing/conflicting timelines/storylines/plotlines.

'One is concern that people don't know how to join into roleplay groups. We've had some efforts to publicize what is going

on and how new people can jump in on them, trusting that whoever runs a session will figure out a way to deal with continuity issues.'

'Another thread is concern that there is great stuff going on in out-of-public roleplay groups that the rest of the

community doesn't know in detail, and that folks would like to know more about. There's concern that this could be seen as exclusionary

if people talk about the fun things they do without Rose Garden homebodies like me in there. But people are probably open to trying out

ways of communicating the goings-on better.'

'And then, yes, there's the thread about how welcome serious roleplay groups feel about being taken into public areas; folks

who are just hanging out can be an un-generous audience.'

Some feel the RP groups are exclusionary.

Have a monthly town hall meeting so this isn't all bottled up for years?


Not visible if you only frequent the muck

Should be visible in the muck in some way


Robot that announces newspaper posts

Synchronize 'newspaper BB' with web version, or vice versa

Synchronize 'eventlist' with a web page, perhaps in the newspaper

Newspaper existing entirely within the MUCK

Twitter feed on main page to show we're still active.

Post events, newspaper, bb posts to main page automatically.

Robot that you could 'quote' to that would post stuff to web and muck at same time

Or a web form

Hard to find information about how to do stuff on the muck

pman/zombies, or any other nonstandard commands are hard to find or even know they exist

Central repository for information

Make a Wiki that anyone on the muck can get an account and edit?

Information bootstrap / usability problem

''There are so many undocumented or 'someone got clever' systems on this MUCK that I'm still learning and re-learning how to

do things that seem 'basic level' ''

Improve Xor's "getting started" documents?

How to keep it up to date?

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