SpinDizzy Wiki - Call For Editors ~ Lepus

From: Lepus

Date: 2017-09-08 01:15 AM

Greetings SpinDizzy Citizens,

Following up from May's townhall, a SpinDizzy Wiki has been launched:


The wiki is intended a place where useful information about the MUCK and how to use it is easy to find and keep up-to-date. When it's ready, the planned intent is for it to become the new homepage and something we can take pride in going forward.

But for that to happen it needs your help; we need editors to make it grow.

Among the tasks still ahead of us are:

* Transferring over content from the existing website so that

considerable body of work isn't lost

* Writing quality documentation, especially tutorials and the best

approaches to common MUCK tasks

* Fleshing out in-character pages and lore

* Integrating the newspaper, calendar and other resources

There's also a rough to-do list we've been maintaining on the wiki itself: https://wiki.spindizzy.org/TodoList

If you'd like to help with these tasks or have an idea of your own, please contact Ping or Morticon to ask for a wiki account. When editing or adding to the wiki, I do ask that you keep some wiki editing guidelines in mind: https://wiki.spindizzy.org/SpinDizzyWikiGuidelines

Thanks to those who have already contributed: Alkani, Jaxen, Kinsor, The Wizards and anyone whom I have missed (my apologies). The work they've produced already represents long hours and care.

And thanks in advance to all those who plan to contribute going forward to make something great.

Your friend at

The Lepus Corporation

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