A Note about hug-globals ~ Austin

From: Austin

Date: 2001-11-04 04:00 PM

There's one minor point overlooked in the discussion of the

hug-globals. You are allowed to give a hug-global several names, each

separated by semicolons (just as you may give several names to any exit

or action) -- for example:

@action bubble;pop = me

@link bubble = $sq-action.muf

will then allow you to do both actions:

You bubble Morticon!

You pop Morticon!

Similarly, you can use the multiple, semicolon-separated names

for the farhug actions as well:

@action farcuddle;farlemur = me

@link farcudde = $farhug.muf

and then you can do both actions:

You cuddle Morticon, afar!

You lemur Morticon, afar!

This lets you cut down the number of actions you hold -- a single

object can do multiple things. And if you read the documentation you can

find much more elaborate things to do with the hug actions, including to

tie them in to more complicated messages than just 'You acton Steve!' and

the like. To get the documentation, type:

@view $sq-action.muf

@view $farhug.muf

(If you were curious -- the sq-action is because it's FurToonian

head squirrel wizard Squirrelly's Action program.)

Austin Dern

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