farhug.muf updated ~ Austin

From: Austin

Date: 2004-03-23 04:00 PM

I've fixed a small but annoying bug in the farhug.muf command in

which the _act/def/odefault message was not being read. For those who

haven't used this, it's a nice feature -- you can set the response for

'any far global you don't have a specific response for' by setting

@set me=_act/def/default:Response an actor sees.

@set me=_act/def/odefault:Response others, including you, see.

which will be used if somebody uses a far global you don't have a

response for ... for example, 'far tingle Austin' gets a response this

way. If anyone observes bugs, glitches, or mysterious anomalies with

this modified farhug, please notify me or describe the problem on the

commands bulletin board. Thank you.

Austin Dern, Managing Editor

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