New public MUF: AltSafety ~ BunnyHugger

From: BunnyHugger

Date: 2011-12-07 06:39 PM

I have written a program called AltSafety, #22979, that is designed to help prevent embarrassing "talking out of the wrong character's mouth" accidents. It relies on the user to create an @action on herself called say;";pose;: and @link it to $nothing, which effectively locks the global say/pose against the user. (Detailed instructions for how to do this, and other setup instructions, are in the documentation which can be seen with @view. In order to work within the limitations of M1, AltSafety requires the user to do a lot of the setup.)

The user then creates an alternate command ending in -say;-pose and prefixed with letters of her choice, and uses that to say and pose. The setup should be done on each character who will be in play simultaneously. It's just a little extra step that can help avoid careless mistakes by making the user think about which character is talking or posing.

Obviously it's an extremely simple program, made up mostly of code I pulled from Karaoke. But, I put it in the plib anyway as I thought someone might find it useful.


BunnyHugger, Ph.D., M1

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